Suspect nearly runs over Mesa officers

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MESA, Ariz. - There were some tense moments Sunday morning after two Mesa police officers responding to a burglary call were nearly run over.

The officers had set up a perimeter near Extension Road and Main Street to find a burglary suspect.

For some reason, a driver did not stop for one officer and then drove right at a second officer, who was in his patrol car.

The officer got out of the way, but it led to a foot chase. The suspect was eventually caught by a K-9 officer.

According to Mesa police, the suspect, Omar Alejandro Flores-Moreno, 22, continued to fight the officer even while the K-9 officer had him in a bite.

Flores-Moreno also had to be tased before he was taken into custody.

Mesa police aren’t sure if Flores-Moreno was part of the initial burglary or if it was a complete coincidence he rammed into police.

Flores-Moreno faces several charges after he is released from the hospital, including aggravated assault on a police officer, felony flight, aggravated DUI and resisting arrest.