Tucson Homeless Connect helps those in need find services

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The battered U.S. Economy has pushed many people to the edge.

Many don't know where their next paycheck will come from, or if they'll even make enough money to stay off the streets.

A line full of homeless Tucsonans shows just how bad things have gotten in the community.

"It's unbelievable, you're right, it does break your heart," said Rick Summer from Tucson Homeless Connect.

The Dunbar Auditorium on 2nd Street and Main Avenue north of downtown Friday morning played host to "Tucson Homeless Connect," a one-stop event designed to help people living on the streets find the services they need to get out of their situation.

"It's an event where we can provide services, kind of a one stop shop for our homeless guests within our community," said Summer.

Organizers have noticed an increase in the amount of people in line and looking for help compared with years past.  New people like John Hosking.

"The economy for is one and haven't got a job right now.  Looking for employment and just things are going bad right now," said Hosking.

A carpenter for 15 years who's now out of work.  His bike is his only mode of transportation.

Staff from the a non-profit bike repair and recycling group Bicas helped keep his wheels road-worthy while other local organizations showed up to provide people with everything from medical and mental health care to hair cuts, even veterinary exams, legal advice or information on shelter programs.

"These guys are the real heroes.  I'm just thankful for them and they're there for us," said Hosking.

"With everything that's going on with the economy this is a good indication and I would love for everyone within the City of Tucson to see that," said Summer.

This is the seventh year the Tucson Homeless Connect has hosted the event.