Tucson agency one of two to help with Mexico adoptions

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- An adoption agency based out of Tucson is now one of only two across the country that can help families adopt from any state in Mexico.

The International Child Foundation is currently working with 15 families to adopt from across the border, but that number is now expected to rise.

The U.S.-Mexico border is only about 75 miles away, but to Kevin and Fabiola Eldridge, sometimes it seems like the other side of the world.

"The frustration is amazing," said Kevin Eldridge.

The Rita Ranch couple's teenage neice, Gracia, lives two hours away in Sonora.  After Gracia's mother died in a car crash, Kevin and Fabiola began the adoption process.

"We decided it would be the best for her to come with us," said Fabiola.

Like all international adoptions though, the process proved anything but simple.

"Everybody has to communicate back and forth and it's a time consuming ordeal when you're waiting for different government agencies to communicate back and forth," said Eldridge.

Now, a bit of a break for families like the Eldridge's adopting from Mexico.

"We just received our approval to help families adopt throughout Mexico," said Jackie Semar from ICF.

Jackie Semar is executive director of the International Child Foundation.  In June the Tucson-based agency became one of two across the U.S. approved to adopt from any state in Mexico.

"We feel connected to Mexico.  We were part of Mexico, I think we were Mexico as I recall, so there is a really deep connection between Arizona and Mexico," said Semar.

ICF hopes the new approval encourages more families to adopt from Mexico.  So does the Eldridge family.

"We're finally on the home stretch," said Kevin.

The Eldridge family is now only a few months away from welcoming home their niece.

They hope other families realize the process can get complicated, but it's worth it in the end.