Gilbert woman says she mailed in gold, but never got cash

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PHOENIX - Sarah Dodson likes her jewelry, but two months ago, she made a big decision to get rid of some pieces and turn them into cash.

"It was just some jewelry that I had that I didn't wear anymore, just kind of accrued overt the years and decided to try and sell it," she said.

A lot of the jewelry she wanted to sell was gold, so she logged on to the Internet and came across a company called Prestige Gold Buyers where the company says it will "turn your jewelry into cash."
So, Sarah read what to do, and sent in her items. 

"Three necklaces, a ring, some earrings and an anklet," she said.

But that was two months ago, and Sarah said Prestige Gold Buyers never sent her a check.
"I just asked you know, "Hey, can you just let me know that my jewelry got there," she said. "I haven't heard from anybody and I didn't know how long or how fast or slow this was supposed to take."

So, Sarah asked for 3 On Your Side's help and get a hold of the company. 

Prestige Gold Buyers said that they mailed Sarah a check and then melted her jewelry.
However, after looking into the matter further at my request, Prestige Gold Buyers realized Sarah never received the check, so they paid again.
This time, they expedited payment by forwarding Sarah $250.00, an amount she's satisfied with.

In an email to 3 On Your Side, company executives thanked me for bringing the matter to their attention, and consider the matter closed.