TSA groper blames childhood kidnapping

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PHOENIX - Yukari Miyamae, the Colorado woman arrested at Sky Harbor Airport in July after an incident with a TSA agent, blames her behavior on childhood trauma.

"I cannot tolerate a stranger touching me," said Miyamae.

She was arrested July 14 after an agent said she grabbed her breasts as a protest against a pat-down.

Miyamae broke her silence about the incident to a public radio station in Boulder, Colorado where she volunteers.
She told an interviewer she was kidnapped as a child.

"I was kept captive for at least a few hours [but was able to] somehow run away from this captivity. So I have very strong sense of endangerment. I have a high alert system for my safety."

Miyamae says she asked the agent to let her go through the metal detector line instead of the full body scanner.
When they told her she'd have to go through a pat-down, she got upset.

"I felt fear of being molested by these people," she said. Miyamae claims she put her hands up to protect herself and never meant to grab the agent's chest.

"I didn't mean to do any harm. I didn't have any intention of anything other than keeping this person away from my space."

A felony sexual assault charge was dropped but prosecutors are still mulling a misdemeanor charge against Miyamae.