Deceased husband's ashes stolen by burglars

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Tempe, Ariz. – Karen Dory lost her husband 39 years ago. Recently, thieves broke into her home and stole what she had left of him.

“It's devastating to find out that somebody could be so cowardly to take somebody's ashes,” Dory said.

She said it was obviously an urn that had her husband's name, gold plated, on the front.

“It's taking years of love and caring and my best friend taken away from me.”

Karen said the thieves passed up on all the electronics and grabbed sentimental jewelry, her credit cards and a huge piece of her heart.

“Shortly after the incident our detectives found that two individuals, who you have photographs of, were seen using the victim's stolen credit cards,” said Tempe Police Sgt. Steve Carbajal,

Police say they have surveillance video of two guys using Karen’s stolen cards. At this time, Tempe police aren't sure if the men are the burglars or if they bought the cards from somebody else.

“Hearing that this is happening, it's kind of scary,” commented Michele Andreasen, who has lived across the street from Dory for 15 years. She heard about the burglary and what they stole.

“That's really sad that somebody would stoop that low to take something so personal. I understand a television or jewelry or cash, but to take something that personal that's very, very sad,” said Andreasen.

Police have been searching for the burglars for two months. “This sort of burglary and cowardly people out there and I want them caught,” commented Dory.

Tempe police ask that if you know anything about this burglary to please give them or Silent Witness a call at 480-WITNESS.