Tucson woman returns home after bee attack

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A woman from the east side is back home, after being stung by more than a hundred bees.

Experts are getting rid of the bees.

A woman was going on a walk with her dogs down a rocky path to the Pantano Wash Monday evening.

A bee started to fly by her and that's when things got kind of scary.

"She swatted the bee off of her arm, angered the entire swarm and they attacked her," said Capt. Trish Tracy from the Tucson Fire Department.

Tucson fire says, the bees followed her as she tried to get away.  She was covered in bees as she frantically searched for help at a home not to far from the wash.

"She knocked on the door the door was opened and she fell forward into the doorway completely covered in in bees from head to toe.  The woman was able to go inside and seek shelter.  They shut the door.  Hundreds of bees went inside the home," said Capt. Tracy.

The woman was taken to the hospital for the bee stings.

Four other people were stung and so were three dogs, theirs were not as serious.

Tuesday at the wash, bee removal specialists were trying to rid the area of the bees.

"You know they  picked a great spot.  I'll really give it to them it was at the base of a mesquite tree with thorns on it.  I just had to cut away some of those branches in order to access their entry point," said Philip Burger with Essential Pest Management.

"You know we had that extreme cold spell so it left the older established colonies and they just held together and and got throughout that cold weather and now they're there in huge numbers," said Burger.

TFD says never swat at a bee, but if you are being attacked the key is to find shelter.