Tips to help you get a 'short sale' offer quickly

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX - A decade ago, if you asked someone what a "short sale" was, you probably wouldn't have had a clue. But today, almost everyone knows what it is.

if you're trying to sell your home, you are not alone. In fact, many folks are trying to "short sale" their house. So how do you get potential buyers to fall in love with your house?

Here are some tips to "short sale" your house quickly:

The goal in securing a short sale is to get an offer first. So, of course, the right price is important.

Experts also recommend packing away personal items. This means taking down family pictures and doing what you can to de-personalize your home. You want buyers to view it as thier potential home so do away with personal distractions.

Next, clear the clutter. Remove items from kitchen counter tops and bathrooms. Put them in boxes and stack them in the garage.
Also try neutralizing your rooms. By this, experts mean each room should have a useful purpose. Also make sure paint is a neutral color, too. 

Obviously, and maybe most importantly, clean and deodorize your entire house. A dirty home is an immediate turn-off and potential buyers will be heading for the front door.

Finally, stand in the street. Look at the front of your home as if you're driving up for the first time and ask yourself, 'Does my house have curb appeal'?' 

If not, pot some flowers and trim those trees. Remember, the nicer your home looks, the higher the offer you'll probably get.

But the real work is convincing the bank to accept the offer.