Community facing water rate hike battle

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- There's a fight over water and an increase in rates that residents of a small community north of Tucson call "astronomical."

It's a battle over life's greatest necessity, water.

At a hearing today goldman water company squared off with the people of eagle crest, in Pinal County near Catalina.

A judge heard Goodman's reasons for proposing a 50% water rate increase.

Before everything got started, Eagle Crest residents got a change to voice their opinion on the matter.

"The people at the water company cannot see the water for the trees."

"This is just the wrong time for their economy to impose this hardship on the residents of Eagle Crest."

"Its a very working class neighborhood and people are concerned about their economic future."

"The near 50 percent increase would add tremendous difficulty to basic survival and need."

"If the water company was able to get everything all of the things they want to get that would probably result in eagle crest becoming a ghost town."

The proceedings should last another 2 days.