TUSD considers how to best utilize closed schools

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- TUSD board members sat behind closed doors Tuesday night trying to figure out how they want to move forward with nine vacant school properties.

The district closed down the schools as a way to cut costs, but they've been vacant now for a year.

The closed TUSD Elementary Schools include:

1. Duffy 
2. Fort Lowell
3. Jefferson Park
4. Reynolds
5. Richey
6. Roberts
7. Rogers
8. Van Horne
9. Wrightstown

The district received 43 proposals on these 9 sites.

Board members want to make sure the public knows, the money the district will get from these potential property sales or leases, can't be used for just anything.

"It is limited, I want people to understand that it's not just in our pocket to use for whatever," said TUSD Board Member Judy Burns.

It has to be used for capital improvement, in other words, new buildings or new additions to existing buildings.

The district hopes to narrow down the 43 proposals so they can begin negotiations with interested parties.