Crispy Skin River Trout

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2    ea     trout fillets
2    T      olive oil
1    T      Capers
1    cup    little tomatoes, whole
1    Ea     lemon
to taste    fresh herbs and plenty of them, parsley sure, basil maybe, oregano and mint why not!
1    T      fine quality Vinegar
1    cup    White wine, 3 oz for the dish and 5 oz for you if you partake

First things first.  place your fish skin side down on multiple pieces of paper towel and allow to rest for 5 minutes on towels while you heat up your pan!
Start a stainless steel pan on medium heat and add coconut oil.  Once pan has a beautiful smoky hue flip your fish over on towels and season with of curry salt and add to pan skin side down.  Watch the video on learn how to add fish to pan if you need and watch twice if you think you dont.  Be careful hot oil is hot.  cook until crispy and place on clean towels soak up excess oil.  Add capers and tomatoes to pan and cook down with a touch of wine

Lentil Salad

2    cup Lentils
2    T   Coconut oil or Olive oil
1/2  c   white wine
1    qt  Veg stock, chicken stock, cheese broth made from your Parmesan rinds ( later Episode maybe!)
1    bu  green onion
1    T   chopped garlic
1    ea  carrot
1    ea  celery
1    ea  bay leaf, parsley stems, chile flake Sachet.  google please

in a 4 qt stock pot heat to a medium heat and coconut oil and heat to a nice little hue (see a pattern here). add veggies and cook for 3-5 minutes before you add lentils and toast for another 2 minutes.  turn heat to medium high and add white wine.  cook down wine by half and cover lentils with enough room temperature stock to double its volume.  Once at a simmer turn down to low and steep like tea until desired doneness.  Depending on the freshness of your lentils this could take 15-45 minutes.  Gently stir maybe twice, not three times. serve chilled the next day in some chicken salad.

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