Tucson family upset about considered hit-and-run plea

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The family of a Tucson man badly injured in a hit and run are none too happy to hear this week that Pima County prosecutors had considered a plea bargain for the suspect.

But now the deal is off.

Abigail Allin, 21, faces charges for allegedly hitting Samuel Abate as he rode his bike near Swan and Camp Lowell, then leaving the young man to die.

That was two months ago.

This week, prosecutors offered Allin a deal that would let her out of jail.

"It just seemed though that we were bargaining down too much for a crime that was really horrific," said the victim's father William Abate.

Samuel's father, William Abate says the family was outraged, until he received a call yesterday from the prosecutors office.

"They have decided to pull that plea offer off the table," said Abate.

It's unclear why prosecutors changed their minds. They refuse to comment on the case.

Now the Abate family waits for Friday, when Allin will either plead guilty or start preparing for a trial that could put her behind bars for up to 16 years.

"We certainly don't want to send a 21-year-old person to jail for that length or period, honestly we'd be happy, my son would be happy and he would feel justice served if this person was to serve six months," said William Abate.

The Abate family is struggling to keep up with the costs of Samuel's recovery.  They've set up an account at Wells Fargo bank for those who would like to donate.