Smoke from house fire visible for miles

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PHOENIX – Investigators are trying to determine what sparked a huge fire in the carport of a South Phoenix home Wednesday morning.

A plume of thick black smoke billowing into air from a house in the neighborhood of 38th and Southern avenues was visible for miles. In the Fort McDowell Casino News Chopper, Bruce Haffner spotted that smoke from South Mountain.

Firefighters could be seen kicking in the front door of the home to make sure nobody was inside. Rescue is always the first priority of firefighters.

The house reportedly was vacant. The windows appeared to have been boarded up.

Phoenix fire crews were able to knock down the flames relatively quickly.

Once the fire was under control, aerial video showed the remains of a burnt-out pickup truck in what used to be the carport area.

It’s not known what sparked the fire and damage estimates were not immediately available.

No firefighters were injured.