18, 000-Piece puzzle! Could you do it?

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SUN CITY WEST, Ariz. -- When you think of puzzles, you think of average pictures of a building, beautiful scenery, or a person’s portrait.

Maybe the puzzle has a few dozen pieces to it, maybe even a hundred or so, but never 18,000, right?

That’s the number of pieces to a puzzle being put together at R.H. Johnson Library in Sun City West. About eight or so Sun City West residents  are working on it. They have already put together a good portion of it, but it has taken them about two months to do so.

Some of the brave souls working on this gigantic puzzle, a large picture of the world map, are examining a photo of the finished puzzle very carefully, using magnifying glasses, to help them correctly piece the it  together.

The puzzle was a donation, according to Vince Micallef, the director of R.H. Johnson Library. Micallef thought putting this puzzle together would make for great socializing for Sun City residents and, once completed, would be quite an impressive accomplishment.

The "puzzle solvers" are keeping a log of the hours they are putting into solving this 18,000-piece monster. Once completed, the puzzle will be framed and put up for sale.

Jim Hennessey, one of the diligent "puzzle solvers," says some people have bet they won’t have the puzzle done by the end of 2011.

“Please," he joked, “the rest of this will be done in two weeks."

We’ll check back and see.