Wallow Fire impact and more wildfires

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Recovery from the largest wildfire in Arizona history could take quite a long time.

Forest officials said Monday it could be years before they re-open parts of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

The Wallow Fire burned more than 841-square acres of forest land, leaving downed trees and other public safety hazards behind.

Until the hazards are cleared out, those parts of the forest cannot open for public recreation.

And despite the monsoon moisture, there are still fires burning in Arizona.

The Beale Fire near Williams has burned 1700 acres.

In the Kaibab National Forest.  The Parallel Fire has burned 1600 acres.  And the Woodbridge Fire has burned just 550 acres.

Fire crews are letting these burn to clear out forest undergrowth and prevent future wildfires.

And an Arizona firefighter died battling the lightning-sparked Diamond Fire on the Fort Apache Reservation in eastern Arizona.

Members of the hotshot crew noticed the man missing when they returned to camp.

They searched and found him dead.