The Traveling Journal

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PHOENIX -- In this age of keeping in touch through technology, it's refreshingly retro to stay up-to-date on your friends' lives the old-fashioned way -- by mail. We're not talking about ordinary letters. This is much more personal, not to mention fun and longer lasting.

It's something the women behind The Traveling Journal have been doing for years. They're all from a small town in Iowa and have been friends since grade school. Once they graduated from college, they scattered across the country.

Morgenne Basye landed here in the Valley. She shared their journal -- parts of it, any way -- with Kaley O'Kelley and explained how you can start a Traveling Journal for yourself and your BFFs.

Basye said the journal she shares with her friends has been traveling for 10 years, racking up enough miles to circle the Earth twice. And it has never gotten lost in the mail.

There's one important thing to remember about The Traveling Journal.

"It belongs to all of you collectively as a group," reads the website. "Keep the journal as long as you need to, but you should never intend on keeping the journal. And after the journal has made a complete loop back to you, you’ll be able to see your friendship story take shape in The Traveling Journal you share."

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