Mercury Online an innovative approach to educating children

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Mercury Online is an innovative approach to educating children with face to face classroom time and online learning. The online school is available for Kindergarten to 11th grade and unlike traditional schools the kids learn from the comforts of their home. Each student is equipped with a laptop computer and assigned a teacher. The program is flexible with the exception of the students meeting the teachers online everyday in their virtual classrooms.

Some reasons parent's put their children in an online course include overcrowded classrooms, bullying, traveling family, a student that is in a sport that takes them away from school and the flexible schedule.Online Mercury is currently accepting applicants for enrollment and the program is FREE for Arizona residents. If you're interested in the program visit Mercury Online.

About Mercury Online

Mercury Online is home to the award-winning social studies program, Paragon. Paragon is an integrated humanities and social studies program. The program takes students on a hands-on journey of what it was like to live in different era's in history. To learn more about Paragon and the entire Mercury Online curriculum call 800-566-2859 or visit them on the Web at