The Wrap Shoppe makes Doc Bands fun for free

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PHOENIX – Having a child with special medical needs can be expensive. Usually the equipment kids need, like a Doc Band® that’s worn 23 hours a day, is extremely plain.

A Valley business that specializes in wrapping trucks, cars, motorcycles and more in colorful graphics is doing what they can to change that -- and they aren’t charging a cent to do it.

A Doc Band® is designed to reshape a child's skull so to prevent the development of hearing for vision problems. Plain white, they do not look very cool.

The Wrap Shoppe works with new parents who want their child's Doc Band® to be less medical and more fun.

As Yetta Gibson explains, the shop provides this service to free to anyone who needs it. They don’t even accept donations.

"We actually have to turn money away. People are trying to give us money all the time for them," said Dustin Shepherd, owner of The Wrap Shoppe. "It's something that we do for everybody and we want to make sure we do it for everybody."

By decorating the bands for free, The Wrap Shoppe saves parents anywhere from $100 to $400.

Shepherd says his staff loves creating the fun and unique wraps for Doc Bands®. Families like them so much that many keep them to show their kids when they're older.

For more information, call (602) 863-9202.