Pet of the Day - Furbie and Goober

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Furbie - #692250 - 3 Years Old - Maine Coon Mix - Female
Goober - #696252 - 2 Years Old - Maine Coon Mix - Male

Peek-a-boo!  When you walk into the cat room at the Humane Society, you'll probably see 4 little ears poking out from a blanket.  That would be Furbie and Goober, two delightful Maine Coon siblings who love snuggling in a purr pile, wrapped up in their favorite reminder of home.  Furbie and Goober relish each other's company and hope to go home together with a 2-for-1 adoption fee.  These cordial kitties equally enjoy attention from human friends whom they know and trust.  As vocal cats, Furbie and Goober will sing for their supper and let you know exactly what they're thinking.  And, with fantastic manners, Furbie and Goober always use their litter box and are happy stretching their paws and claws on a scratching post.  Although a little reserved at the Humane Society, Furbie and Goober are devoted and outgoing companions who will no doubt blossom once in their permanent home.  Please consider giving these big bundles of joy the happy home they need and deserve.  Visit Furbie and Goober soon at the main shelter!