Ex-con terrorizes Mesa family in alleged sex assault, murder

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By Natalie Flanzer By Natalie Flanzer

MESA, Ariz. - New details reveal the suspect, who allegedly killed a Mesa man, also sexually assaulted the victim's roommate before fleeing the scene. The suspect is now in police custody facing a long list of charges.

On Sunday afternoon, Mesa police received a telephone call from a female who had fled her home with her two children after being sexually assaulted. She reported to police that her friend was still inside the apartment and believed he was dead because she noticed blood "everywhere".

She gave police a description of the suspect, later identified as Jason Noonkester, 35, and told police he was covered in blood as well.

Police found the male victim deceased on the floor in the kitchen area of the apartment near Center Street and Brown Road.

The female victim told investigators Noonkester, arrived at her apartment sometime after midnight on Sunday.

She went to her bedroom upstairs and slept while Noonkester and the male victim remained downstairs talking.

The female victim woke up during the night and exited her bedroom and saw Noonkester walking up the stairs towards her. He said someone had broken into her apartment, but he had "taken care of it" and would call police.

Noonkester took the female victim's cell phone and told her to take her 19-month-old daughter into her five-year-old son's bedroom.

Noonkester threatened the female victim, telling her that she needed to cooperate with him or he would kill her.

At that point, Noonkester sexually assaulted the female victim, then washed up, changed his clothes and forced the victim and her children into the bathroom, tying the door closed.

Noonkester fled the apartment.

The female victim was able to free herself and fled with her children to a neighbor's apartment.

Later that day around 5:30 p.m. officers contacted a male subject urinating the swimming pool area of an apartment near Brown Road and Country Club Drive. He was identified as Noonkester.

There were red stains on his clothing and shoes police believed to be blood. Police arrested him on a parole violation warrant.

Officers located Noonkester's backpack with several items of blood-soaked clothing.

According to police, the sexual assault occurred after the male victim was killed and did not occur in front of the children.

Noonkester was charged with one count of first degree murder, three counts of kidnapping and two counts of sexual assault.