Flora Jessop weighs in on Warren Jeffs trial

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PHOENIX -- She grew up in a polygamous family in Colorado City, but she fled both her family and her faith when she was just 16. Since then, Flora Jessop has dedicated her life to raising awareness and advocating for abused children, helping others escape the community.

Jessop sat down with Tess Rafols to talk about the trial of polygamous prophet Warren Jeffs, which gets under way Monday in San Angelo, Texas.

She said it's wonderful that Jeffs is being held accountable for his alleged actions, but it's not enough. She believes prosecutors need to go after the mothers in the polygamous community.

"It's great that he [Jeffs] is finally facing a jury," she said. "It's great vindication for the victims out there. Warren Jeffs going to trial is fabulous, but those women have to be prosecuted, too. If we do not prosecute the women and make these mothers understand that it is not their right to give their children to predators to rape abuse them, the cycle is never going to be broken."