Police identify victims at motorcycle rally shooting

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FLAGSTAFF -Three people are dead and another critically injured following a late night shooting at a motorcycle rally at a camp ground in Mormon Lake, Ariz.

On Friday just after 11:20 p.m. a Coconino County Sheriff's sergeant assigned to the "Too Broke for Sturgis" motorcycle rally radioed he believed he had just hear a gunshot.

Shortly after that numerous 911 calls were made to dispatch reporting multiple victims had been shot.

According to CCSO, the shooting occurred at a camp trailer at the lake. Three of the victims, two females and one male, were in front of the trailer.

Police say Edgar Atzin, 45 and his wife Trina Ann Atzin, 43, of Phoenix, were killed. Christian Tejada, 38, of Peoria, was found deceased nearby with a single gunshot wound under his chin and a handgun was found lying on the ground close to his hands. A 33-year woman was also shot. She is listed in critical condition at the Flagstaff Medical Center.

Police suspect Tejada got into a verbal argument with another person in the group regarding food which led to the shooting. Authorities say alcohol consumption was a possibl factor in the incident.

Robert Krout was sleeping in a nearby camper when the shots rang out.

"I heard 4, 5 shots 'pop pop pop' and then three more shots, the next thing I know someone is screaming and my wife's like, I think there's somebody shot," said Krout.

Of the victims found at the camp trailer, Edgar Atzin was found on the ground in front of the trailer with multiple gun shot wounds.

Trina Atzin and a woman who's name has not been released were both seated in camp chairs, when shots rang out. Atzin was pronounced dead and the other woman sustained six gun shot wounds.

Two other females were transported to the hospital for possible shock.

"This is our worst nightmare, everyone's,  worst nightmare for something like this to happen," said Coconino County Sheriff's Lieutenant Tim Cornelius.

The shooting caused the rally to shut down, and vendors were ordered to leave the grounds this morning.

"It puts a damper to shut down for us as vendors, but the sad part is people losing their lives," said Jose Isle's of Cottonwood, who came to the event to sell accessories.

Two thousand people were in attendance at the 20th annual event and many left Saturday morning.

Many worried the incident, which police described as isolated, would cast participating bike clubs in a negative light.

"It puts out a bad name for the guys who ride in clubs and stuff, we're good people, we're not trying to hurt anyone," said Andy Powers of Phoenix.