My Life as a Weather Intern: Friday, July 22

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PHOENIX – Friday at Channel 3 I started out by writing up a 7-day forecast.

It looks like the monsoon is back! Moisture will be making its way into our area this weekend with the earliest chance of showers looking to be Saturday night.

The chance of showers will stick around in the forecast through Thursday, with the best chance for thunderstorm activity occurring Sunday afternoon and evening into Monday.

After Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman arrived and checked over my forecast I updated the graphics and maps used in the weather broadcasts during Good Evening, Arizona.

Friday seemed to be “treat day” in the newsroom. There were snacks everywhere; ice cream bars, cookies and even LOBSTER ice cream (eww!) were being offered up.

Thankfully I didn’t have to eat any of the lobster ice cream, but it makes me wonder why that flavor even exists.

Once all the graphics were finished up I set up the Weather Watchers photos on the computer and then watched a bit of the Good Evening, Arizona! news broadcast in the studio from behind the scenes.

I’ll be in early Saturday morning with another update.