Overdue proper goodbye for unique Tucson radio station

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Video Note: In the video Samantha Ptashkin mistakenly refers to the the show at the Fox running 'tomorrow.'  The show will run Saturday, July 23 at 6:00 P.M.

TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was Tucson's first hip hop radio station, loved by teens across town.

Until one day in 1995 when the station's owner abruptly flipped the switch, silencing their beloved beats.

Two decades since it started, Power 1490 finally receives a proper goodbye.

These days Tucsonan randy Williams, aka R Dub, DJ's a nationally syndicated show called "Sunday Night Slow Jams".

But a flip of a switch takes R Dub back 20 years to a different kind of beat.

"The music back then was just so incredible.  It was a very special time and i think that's what helped make the radio station the success that it was," said R Dub.

Power 1490 was Tucson's first hip hop radio station.  He started working there in the early 90's at age 16.

"A bunch of young, inexperienced kids, but we loved radio, we had a passion, we didn't know a lot about radio, but we had a passion for the music and a passion for the listeners."

The station had a low budget, but huge success, especially among Tucson teens.

DJ's always managed to land the latest hits.  But on June 12, 1995, the station manager abruptly knocked "The Power" off air and 1490 became an alternative rock station.

"Five O'Clock, the last song of Power 1490 ended, which was Boyz II Men, 'It's so hard to say goodbye.'   I'm tearing up thinking about it because I so remember it."

R Dub never forgot that sudden goodbye.  So, nearly 20 years later, he reunited with 1490 staffers to put together "A.M. Mayhem."

"The movie's fun.  It talks about TV and radio, fashion, it talks about wearing Swatch watches and Z Cavaricci pants."

It gives long lost listeners the chance to do something they didn't get to do in 1995, say goodbye to a unique era in Tucson radio.

For anyone wanting to check out all those '90s styles and the story behind Power 1490, the show starts at 6 O'Clock Saturday night at the Fox Theater.

Admission is free, but you have to RSVP.