Home Cinema Center shipment arrives damaged

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX - Don Martin is happy now.  "I was pretty surprised when that check came back."

Don wasn't so happy not long ago when he was profiled in an earlier 3 On Your Side report.

Don ordered a $3,700 entertainment center from an out-of-state company called Home Cinema Center that he found online.

When the entertainment center arrived, he couldn't believe his eyes. "I didn't even want them to unload it because it was so damaged but the instructions were not to refuse it so I didn't."

Don said he was forced to accept the damaged entertainment center from Home Cinema Center.

When Don called Home Cinema Center to tell them the shipment was damaged, they said he'd have to repackage it himself and ship the unit back to them.

Only then would he get a refund but Don says shipping such a large piece of equipment isn't cheap and it isn't easy.

When 3 On Your Side got involved we were able to work out a deal.

Home Cinema Center told us if Don found a local charity to donate the entertainment center to they would be able to refund his $3,700 and they could use the amount as a tax deduction.

"I had to donate to Desert Red Industries and they came out to pick it up and then they faxed them a receipt."

After verifying the donation had been made, Home Cinema Center issued Don a $3,700 refund, money he says he probably never would have received without 3 On Your Side's involvement.

"Well, I'm certainly appreciative of Channel 3 because I got all of my money back, so thanks."