Photo enforcement citations now easier to fight?

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PHOENIX -  More people may soon be fighting photo traffic enforcement citations, or just not even acknowledging them at all.

Joe Santos was flashed on the highway near Camelback Road recently. "It was very annoying.  I actually paid the ticket because I didn't know I didn't have to," he said.

As of Wednesday, Arizona changed the law so now you don't have to even respond if you get a photo enforcement citation in the mail. 

The only way you do have to respond is if you're served, which means you have to personally be handed the ticket.

Once you're served, or respond willingly, you can always fight the citation in court. However, that could end up costing you far more in additional fees.

"If it's clearly you, I don't think you have much of a chance to beat the ticket.  Of course, anything can happen, but it's highly unlikely.  If your time is valuable to you, you may decide that you just want to pay the ticket," Phoenix attorney Dan Barr said.

If not, you also don't have a legal obligation to identify yourself in the photo, or whoever is driving, if it's not you.

The fine for each citation is roughly $200. If you do get served but don't respond, the court could make a default judgement against you.