Pet of the Day - Sammy

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#699130 – 3 Years Old – German Shepherd Mix – Male

Ahh… Nothing like ending a nice long walk with a quick dip in the puppy pool! Sammy loves going for his morning outings with the Humane Society’s incredible volunteer dog walkers. Sammy gets to take in all of the irresistible sights and smells of summer, greet the other dogs on the path and then end his favorite time of day with a quick game of fetch. Doesn’t that sound like a great time? Sammy would love to start making memories like these with you! Surrendered when his family moved away, Sammy now needs a permanent place where he can belong and feel loved. Gentle with children, friendly with other dogs and very smart (he’s even in Canine College!), Sammy will make a terrific companion for the right lucky person. He thinks that person should be you!