New Arizona laws in effect

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Three hundred fifty-seven new Arizona laws went into effect Wednesday. Changes to gun laws and new license plates are just a few. But here are some changes to traffic laws drivers need to know.

"Hundreds of new Arizona laws go into effect today, and if you're a driver, these are two you need to be aware of," said officer Quentin Mehr from the Department of Public Safety.

 The first is the move over law. It's a modification of a similar law passed in 2005 that says if law enforcement or other emergency vehicles are on the shoulder of the road, you must move over a lane.

Now the law goes further to include tow trucks, ADOT workers and even drivers broke down.

"You see those flashing lights you need to move over," said officer Mehr.

DPS Is hoping to never see these kind of accidents again. Cops and drivers being blind sided by on coming traffic in the lane closest to them.

"When we're at collisions and trust me a lot of traffic doesn't slow down even though there's a collision," said Mehr.

With the news laws going into effect, drivers need to be aware of the changes.

Move over and remember, if it wasn't you, you don't have to say who it was.

Other laws include ensuring home owner association meetings are open to the public and giving married couples preference in adoptions.