Free magazine subscription turns into $1,300 subscription

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PHOENIX - Brett Chamberlain says he has more magazines than he knows what to do with and says all these magazines are from a passion for movies.

Here's the connection: Brett says he went into a Best Buy last summer to buy a movie.

When he went to check out, the Best Buy clerk asked him if he wanted to sign up for a card that comes with a free magazine subscription. "I was like, 'uh sure, save 50 percent,' it's one of those deals," Brett said. "So I did it."

But Brett and his dad, Scott, said that after those free magazines started arriving, so did something else. 

"A couple months later, I start getting magazines like Us Weekly, or something like that, and then months after that I start getting bills for the magazines."
So much for free. On top of that, Scott said the magazine company, Virginia Renewal Service, wants an exorbitant amount for magazines. "$1,297.40 for magazines," Scott said.

Nearly $1,300 for a 5-year magazine subscription and, according to Brett, Virginia Renewal Service had already debited his account twice for $50. Brett and his dad tried to cancel the subscriptions but couldn't.

"Cancel everything, stop calling us and cancel all the subscriptions," Scott said he told to Virginia Renewal Service. "At which point, we thought it was all over in the fall. Then January we started getting the magazines again!"

3 On Your Side contacted Best Buy but the retailer told us it wasn't thier problem because it wasn't thier promotion.

We contacted  Virginia Renewal Service about the situation. They looked into the matter, and when they did, they decided to cancel Brett's subscription altogether and won't be tapping into his bank account anymore.

"They'll say it's free but nothing's free!" Brett said as a warning to all consumers.

Virginia Renewal Service has a "D" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Again, a good reminder that there is nothing free in life.