Monsoon break, stormy weekend?

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PHOENIX -- Chances for Valley storms are slim today and tomorrow as monsoon moisture stays mainly over southern and southeastern Arizona. 

Tucson saw heavy rain yesterday and could see more today with the potential for slow-moving storms. 

Humidity levels were near 40 percent in the Valley Thursday morning, but despite that stickiness, Valley rain chances are less than 10 percent today and tomorrow. 

The ridge of high pressure that helps circulate the monsoon moisture north into Arizona has shifted east, and isn't forecast to shift back west until the weekend.  hat means the Valley  -- and the entire  state -- have a better chance of seeing widespread thunderstorms this weekend. 

Another monsoon boost could come from Hurricane Dora, currently a category four storm off the west coast of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center's forecast takes the storm away from land with no landfall, but some of the moisture from the storm could get caught up in our monsoon circulation and move into Arizona over the weekend. 

Look for a high of 109 degrees today under mostly sunny skies. Tonight, mostly clear skies will help bring Valley lows down to the mid 80s in town with upper 70s possible in outlying areas. 

Highs this weekend are expected to top out near 104 degrees.