We're missing games, says NFL great

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PHOENIX -- Preseason Cardinals football should get started in a few weeks but that's not going to happen, according to NFL Hall of Famer Nick Lowery.
“I really hope we do miss (games),” Lowery said. “This really sounds sick. I think we should miss some preseason games. There are too many issues still out there.”
The former Kansas City Chiefs player points out that the Brady Anti-trust Lawsuit has yet to be settled. And if players sign what's on the table now, they are sacrificing too much.

“They (owners) are insisting players give up the right to decertify [the player's union]," he said. "If the players know anything, that's their one trump card."
Chris Osborn, owner of Cadillac Ranch in the Tempe Marketplace, is trying to stay optimistic. They can make twice the money on an NFL game night compared to a normal Sunday or Monday night.
They are excited about what they feel is a light at the end of the tunnel. Osborn said they are ready to pop the champagne bottle and celebrate.

“Oh, we are going to throw a party!” he said.
Every preseason or regular season game they miss translates to a loss of thousands of dollars in revenue.

“We do really well when the Cardinals are playing,” Osborn said.
Lowery feels that even if a deal is reached between owners and players this week, games may be missed. Practice and free agency will take time.

“There are 500 free agents,” Lowery said. “Mistakes will be made.”