Tucson Toros receive eviction notice

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Tucson Toros soon may get booted out of Hi Corbett field.

The city wants to evict the team because it claims the Toros defaulted on the lease.

Tuesday, the Toros responded in a news conference of their own.

The clock is ticking for the Toros at Hi Corbett field.

"We were shocked when we received the letter," said Tucson Toros owner Jay Zucker.

An eviction letter from the City of Tucson tells the Toros their lease at Hi Corbett is terminated.

"Why?  Why is it that we have to leave?  Why cant we wait until end of season and then have some further discussion," asks Zucker.

The city calls the contract void because the Toros stopped playing regular ball games at Hi Corbett, but the Toros stopped playing when the Tucson Padres rolled into town.

"Had no word that this was unacceptable," said Zucker.

The city says it is, not to mention the Toros aren't bringing in the revenues they expect from Hi Corbett. The Toros want more time to talk.

"Work with us, we're a local business here in Tucson," said Zucker.

But it looks like the city may be done discussing the deal.

"If we don't survive there will be no baseball after the Padres leave,"

Nonetheless council member Paul Cunningham hoping for some sort of solution.

"I know the way this is going isn't perfect but I'm optimistic that whatever solutions comes out will be palpable to all parties," said Cunningham.

Meanwhile the big unconfirmed question remains, if the Toros leave, who will move in?

"We've seen a lot of activity with a lot of other potential users here so one would assume there's something better waiting for them," said Zucker.

Insiders say that "something better" is U of A baseball. The city has confirmed it's talked with the university, but no deal is done yet.

"At this point we're fighting to keep our presence and tendency here at Hi Corbett," said Zucker.

For now at least, one last Toros game is set for Thursday.