Tucson park vandalism on the rise

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Signs and buildings along the curves at the scenic gates pass in Tucson have become canvases for vandals. And now the Pima County sheriff's department is looking for the artist.

Over the weekend, the welcome sign at Tucson mountain park had some unwelcome artwork.

"We had a little bit more than normal we had as you probably have seen already heavy graffiti up at our entrance sign gates pass overlook was hit pretty hard a lot of our signs were painted over," said Tucson Mountain Park Manager Mark Brosseau.

Brosseau says four or five years ago this may have not happened.

However, seeing graffiti in the park now is kind of a common thing and part of the daily clean-up routine.

"Just about everyday the maintenance crew comes in and they start off by trying to take care of the damaged the night before, Monday's are the worst because you are looking at accumulative of Friday night activity Saturday activity," said Brosseau.

The activity this past weekend has gotten the Pima County sheriff's department involved.

They have taken note of the tagging and are investigating the incident.

"They took shots of all the graffiti taking note to take the graffiti monikers.  We will submit those and see if we can get any information from that," said Brosseau.

Park officials believe shrinking budgets have cut the needed patrols of the park late at night.

"I do not think that were getting much late night coverage and I base that upon not only my staffs observation my own observation," said Brosseau.

PCSD plans to continue its coverage of the park and hopefully catch the vandal or vandals.

"Deputies will continue to monitor the parks just like they have before.  It might increase a little bit. Anything that we see that will lead us to a better investigation to finish this investigation and to find out who was doing it they will definitely be arrested," said Deputy Dawn Barkman from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Vandals in this case could face federal charges. Anyone with information should contact the sheriff's department.