Northwest Tucson neighborhood get temporary fire coverage

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- There is hope for homeowners on Tucson's northwest side, who thought they might not have any firefighters protecting their properties.

On July 1, Rural Metro dropped coverage in some areas because it didn't have enough residents subscribing to their services.

Those residents don't have to worry, at least for a while.

The Mountain Vista fire district has decided to cover those homes no longer served by Rural Metro. But the chief has warned, they won't provide coverage indefinitely.

Monday night, the fire district held an informational meeting to let residents know what's going on.

Mountain Vista fire has agreed to serve the areas in limbo, but only as Northwest Fire works to annex those areas.

The process has been going on for months now, with petitions circling the neighborhoods.

The problem is, for some residents signing the petition has been a struggle, since they'll end up paying more for northwest services than they did for Rural Metro.

Northwest Fire says the annexation process started last October. They need 297 signatures in one area to pass the measure. To date, they have only 136.

The petition is only valid for a year, so come this October if the signatures aren't there, neither will Northwest Fire.

In another area they need 36 signatures by December, they have 13.