Behind the Scences: Water Safety PSA

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The Forecaster’s Water Safety Shoot
Anyone who has ever worked in news knows how important water safety in Arizona is. As the temperatures climb so does the death count for little ones.
This year the 3TV Forecasters teamed up with the Fire Fighters Association to get our message out. We shot at Phoenix Fire Station 1 on 4th Avenue and Van Buren. Rich Bauer, Director of Community Programs gave me a tour of his joint and let me take some behind the scenes pics. I hope you enjoy them.
Also a special thanks to fire fighter Rich Perelli. When the guys got called out just before Photographer Shane Sisson and I arrived, Rich kept us company and answered my numerous nosey questions! He had his boys Nick and Nate hanging out with him that day and they are featured in our group shot at the end of the spot. Fire fighters Craig Kilbourne, Nate Harpster and Rich Bauer are also featured in our group shot. Plus Mike Warriner and R. Sendlin can be seen in my behind the scenes pics.
Fun Facts
Do fire fighters still slide down poles? You betcha! Rich Perelli told me I just missed the guys sliding down both poles to go out on that call.
Fire fighters work shifts of 24 hours on and 48 hours off.
There are 18 fire fighters on each shift.
Fire fighters fund themselves! At the beginning of each shift guys plunk down cash that pays for their food, newspapers and cable bills. They also pay for their gym equipment. I think this is the most surprising thing I found out that day.
Fire fighters take turns cooking. Rich Bauer was up for dinner on the day we were at the fire house. His menu? Pulled pork, garlic bread and Caesar salad. Yum!
The fire chief wears a red helmet. All others are yellow.
Framed t-shirts of retired fire fighters line the walls of the fire station.