More turmoil in Pima County GOP party

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The ouster of Pima County Republican Chairman Brian Miller may be evidence of a deeper divide in the local party. 

A committeeman from legislative district 29 has come under fire from fellow republicans for a video he posted on YouTube.

An audio recording was taped and posted on YouTube by Ken Rineer, an elected Precinct Committeeman in legislative district 29.

The topic is petitions to change the bylaws to make it easier to remove committee members.

"It was repeatedly said that it wasn't about Chairman Miller, but yet when we got our call notices, guess what, there were two questions on the call notice, the second being the removal of Chairman Miller," said Rineer.

That's when Rineer, who opposed the bylaw change, posted the two minute clip on-line.

In it, district Chairman Jim Kelley and others hash out the details.

"Basically recall or fire a chairman, not this meeting, but that's what this bylaw change would be,"

Rineer believes Kelley knew about the recording, but on Saturday, Chairman Kelley responded.

Rineer says Kelley kicked him out of a meeting for posting the audio.

"And he said when you walk out that door you are no longer a PC and I turned around at that point and said, 'I'm an elected PC you have no authority to remove me,'" said Rineer.

Rineer believes the Brian Miller fiasco has caused some bad blood.  Jim Kelley, who refused an on camera interview, says only the secretary has the authority to record meetings.

Rineer is not allowed to attend another committee meeting unless he agrees to some conditions.

"I apologize and agree to for here on out never record another conversation they consider it a private meeting in a private facility among private people, and I cannot agree to that," said Rineer.

Rineer believes he'll be cleared of any wrong-doing under parliamentary rules.