2 Easy-to-make refreshing summer drinks

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PHOENIX -- There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold, refreshing drink.

Trudy Thomas from Sprouts at Camelback Inn showed Scott Pasmore and Tara Hitchcock how to made two options. Get ready to do some muddling!

Raspberry Thyme Cooler

6 fresh raspberries
Splash of agave syrup
2 sprigs fresh thyme
4 oz. lemonade
Top with club soda

Muddle raspberries very well with agave syrup and sprigs of fresh thyme.

Strain over ice; fill with lemonade and top with soda.

Garnish with fresh raspberries and a lemon wheel.

Cucumber Cooler

4 pieces 1-inch cubed cucumber
4 mint leaves
3/4 oz. simple syrup
1 lime wedge
7 oz. club soda

Muddle mint, cucumber, lime and simple syrup.

Add ice and top with soda.

Garnish cucumber wheel and a lime wedge.