Mountain Vista filling-in fire coverage for northwest neighborhood

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Homeowners on Tucson's northwest side have counted on Rural Metro to protect their homes from fire. For many, that changed on July 1.

Coverage dropped by Rural Metro, has been picked up by Mountain Vista Fire.

"There is an area thats not being served by a fire district and Northwest Fire is in the process of annexating that area," said Mountain Vista Fire Chairman Peter Archuleta.

Chairman Peter Archuleta says thats why they're stepping in.

Since Northwest Fire is working to annex the area, they're willing to help out.

"Moutnain Vista has agreed to provide fire sercvie to the area in the quesiton as long as there was an active annexation by Northwest," said Archuleta.

So for now, homeowners don't need to stock up on fire extinguishers.

"If there is a fire call, we will respond to that on an interim basis," said Archuleta.

But the question swirling down these northwest streets is, how long will it last.

And if annexation doesn't happen, who will protect these homes?  Archuleta admits he doesn't have those answers.

"No decision has been made if annexation doesn't happen," said Archuleta.

But Archuleta says he understands people's concern.

"It's always important for people to have fire coverage, it's just a question of what manner," said Archuleta.

If you live on the northwest side in the area in question and have questions or concerns about the annexation process, Mountain Vista Fire will hold a meeting to answer them Monday at 6:30 P.M.