Tucson man shot by deputy dies

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Gerald Jensen, the man shot outside his home by a Pima County sheriff's sergeant, died Saturday morning.

The outside of 53-year-old Gerald Jensen's Tucson Estates home was nothing short of peculiar.

"He'd love to hoard.  He'd go buy stuff all the time," said a neighbor.

But his neighbor, who prefers to remain nameless, says even though Jensen had his quirks, he was a good man.

"Anyone who knows Gerry knows he was never a real angry person."

Which is why the neighborhood is struggling to understand what happened Wednesday night.

Officers responded to a structure fire on Jensen's property and the homeowner confronted them.

"Didn't expect him to do anything against the cops."

But officers tell a different story.

They say Jensen often lit things on fire outside his home and had been told multiple times to clean up his property.

In an attempt to stop the firefighters from putting out the flames, this time the sheriff's department says, Jensen began assaulting Sgt. Thomas Holz and Holz fired four shots in self-defense.

Jensen went to the hospital, where he died Saturday morning from his injuries.

At least one neighbor says he'll miss him, but not the fires he ignited.

"He would burn paper and trash sometimes, and he'd burn the plastic off copper, so he could recycle it," said a neighbor.  "The last two were scary, the other ones you could just smell them at night and it was horrible."

Now neighbors just wish they could have helped Jensen, before things spiraled out of control.

Sergeant Thomas Holz who fired the shots is a 13-year veteran of the Pima County Sheriff's Department. He suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital late Wednesday night.