Phoenix woman says A/C contractor won't honor warranty

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PHOENIX - Hillary Miller hasn't had much luck with air conditioning the past few years.

"A couple years ago, our unit went out so we got a brand new unit, thinking that we'd be set for quite some time," Miller said. "So, it was a big surprise when it went out last week," Hillary said.

Hillary bought the air conditioner from a company called Bill Alvarez and Associates and according to her invoice, the unit came with a pretty good warranty, including two years labor and five years on parts.

So, she didn't' hesitate to call the contractor when her A/C went out recently.

"The day we came home that it was that hot, I took out my warranty and called the guy who installed it," Miller told 3 On Your Side.

Miller said Bill Alvarez showed up to look at the A/C, and then she says he told her how to fix it.

"He said it had to be a fuse, so he showed me what they look like from some he had in the car and told me to go to Home Depot and get my own and put them in, so that's what we did," she said.

The quick fix didn't work, so she called Bill Alvarez and Associates again.

"Profusely kept stating that we were bothering him, that it was a holiday weekend and our unit's fine," she said.

Miller said she called Alvarez one more time in hopes he would honor that warranty, but she didn't like what she heard.

"And we said, "So, what you're saying is you're not going to honor the warranty? And he said, "That is what I am saying."

Unable to take the heat, Miller said she called another contractor who came to her home and repaired the broken unit for $781.00.

So, exactly why didn't Bill Alvarez and Associates honor that warranty to begin with?

Alvarez didn't want to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera, but after our involvement, he did agree to pay for nearly half of Miller's repair bill by giving us a cashier's check for more than $300.00, which  was promptly delivered to Miller.
"I couldn't believe how fast you guys were and, um, I was just very happy and if I ever have another issue I will definitely call 3 On your Side," Miller said.

Despite that warranty that was handwritten on Miller's contract, Alvarez said Miller should have called the manufacturer because the warranty pertained to the manufacturer, not him.

Miller disagrees but was glad she was able to get at least half of her money back.