Meet the folks behind your up-to-the-minute traffic reports (besides Gina Maravilla!)

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PHOENIX -- Have you ever wondered how 3TV’s Gina Maravilla keeps her pulse on the Phoenix traffic situation? At any give time, she knows what's going everywhere in Valley, even all over the state.  There is an agency based here in Phoenix that helps her get all of that up-to-the-minute traffic to you as it happens.

The staff at Arizona Department of Transportation’s Traffic Operations Center has shifts that are, of course, conveniently scheduled around peak traffic hours. Their job is to monitor all traffic situations around the state at all times, and update drivers about accidents, construction and more via the Web or on interstate signage.

There are about 200 cameras placed along most of the state’s major highways to help the folks at ADOT see exactly what’s going on. Sometimes during Gina Maravilla’s traffic reports, you can see the cameras moving about to get the best shot of the source of traffic snarls. It’s the staff inside the Traffic Operations Center who make that happen.

James Minton, one of the shift supervisors in the ADOT Traffic Operations Center, says aside from traffic accidents, he and his coworkers have see some of the wildest things unfold on our Valley freeways -- dogs on the run, cattle, a trail of ducks. You name it, chances are they’ve seen it.

If you can’t tune in to Gina’s fabulous up-to-the-minute traffic reports on “Good Morning! Arizona,” ADOT’s Traffic Operations Center can get you the information you need instantly via their website,, or their hotline, 1-888-511-ROAD.