Man accused of shooting ex-girlfriend in Glendale at large

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – The mother of a West Valley woman allegedly shot by her ex-boyfriend wants him brought to justice.

Theresa Grimes says her daughter, Tyhesha Grimes, had just gotten home from work late Friday night when someone knocked on the door of her apartment near 63rd Avenue and Citrus Way. As soon as she figured out it was her ex-boyfriend, she didn't open the door.

"I'm angry. I'm afraid," Theresa Grimes said. "This is a guy who I welcomed into my home.. .. I just want people to know about this man who's out there and if he can do something like this to my daughter, he can do it to anyone else."

Grimes said the ex-boyfriend, whose name has not been released, has been stalking her daughter  for months, ever since the two broke up earlier this year. She said it was an abusive relationship and she encouraged her daughter to leave him, which she finally did.

"Theresa even moved to a new apartment so he couldn't find her," explained Grimes.

But he eventually did and now Tyhesha, 31, is in the hospital in serious but stable condition She was shot twice in the stomach.

Tyhesha's mother is worried for the both of their safety and hopes the suspect  will turn himself in.

So far, the Glendale Police Department has not released any suspect information.