Senior citizen tired of fighting Citibank

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PHOENIX – A senior citizen says she's tired of fighting her credit card company so she contacted 3 On Your Side for help. 

The fight is over a $400 charge Marcia Knapp never made but her credit card company not only failed to remove the fraudulent charge but she says they sent her to collections.

Marcia Knapp, 84, is a former account who is meticulous with her bills and one bill that she says never gets out of hand, is her credit card bill.

“Well, I mainly used my credit card for the drugstore for my medicine.”

When Citibank contacted Marcia in January to ask if she had spent $400 at a Target in New York City she told them, "No way."

“I’ve been in this chair for 8 or 9 years, so no, I haven't traveled in a long time.”

Citibank assured her not to worry, that the charge would be removed within 10 days. Not only did Citibank fail to remove the fraudulent charges but Marcia says they did something else. “They even turned me over to a collection agency.”

Sick and tired of arguing with Citibank and the collection agency, Marcia asked her daughter to help her out.

“Even though they promised it's going to be taken care of in 10 days, you'll never hear again. That's never happened. So we felt like we were going around in circles,” says Joan Knapp.

Marcia and her daughter contacted 3 On Your Side for help, and we got a hold of Citibank.

As a result, the $400 charge was removed and Marcia was taken out of collections. 

However, Citibank made a point to tell 3 On Your Side the issue was on its way to be resolved before 3 On Your Side contacted them.

Marcia says she's not buying that for a minute because she's been trying to deal with this for six months and nothing was ever done.

“You can count on Channel 3, Gary and his crew cause they solved the problem in two days and I was six months at it.”