Private accused of bringing C-4 on plane; Ammo bust; Controversy over border state gun law

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A U.S. Army private has been accused of bringing explosives on board an airline flight from Yuma to Los Angeles.

TSA screeners reportedly found a quarter-ounce of C-4 in Christopher Wey's bags.

Wey claims he planned to show it to his family.

Federal prosecutors don't think the 19-year-old intended any harm.


A big ammunition bust Wednesday for customs agents at the port of Nogales.

An inspection of a U.S. bound tractor trailer turned up more than 22,000 rounds and 70 magazines for assault weapons hidden in the cab's sleeper compartment.

Agents arrested the driver, a 26-year-old man from Sinaloa, Mexico.


The federal government soon will require gun shops in border states to track multiple sales of semi-automatic weapons.

The new rules target gun runners who supply violent drug cartels in Mexico.