TUSD sees disappointing AIMS scores

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's the day that holds all school districts accountable.

Wednesday, AIMS results were released to the public, and while there's some good news for Arizona. It's not quite the same in Tucson.

Across the state AIMS news wasn't too bad. Reading scores are up to 76% passing. Math saw a slight increase from 56 to 59%. But writing took a hit, dropping from 71 to 56%.

"We need to dissect the scores," said TUSD Interim Deputy Superintendent Maria Menconi, PhD.

As soon as TUSD examines the scores, it will find its numbers almost 15 to twenty percentage points lower than the state average. However other local districts like Vail and the Catalina Foothills score pretty well.

"Each school needs to have a plan for how to attack those weaknesses," said Menconi.

Months ago, TUSD's plan of attack for under performing Palo Verde and Rincon was the turnaround model.

"That was an incredibly hard decision," said Menconi.

Teachers were let go, new faculty brought in. Despite certain small gains, it appears to have been the right decision. The AIMS scores on both campuses were well below TUSD's already below average scores.

"We did see some improvements in the retake opportunities, but I don't think it changes anything that needs to happen in those schools," said Menconi.

If anything, district administrators say it shows everyone needs to work that much harder.

"Lots of work to do, lots.  That's why we're here all summer," said Menconi.