TSA agents' credit card information stolen

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PHOENIX – A group of Transportation Security Administration workers at Sky Harbor Airport may have been targets of a type of credit card theft called skimming.

“As of yesterday it was about 10 individuals,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. “But we think it’s going up, about 20 now.”

With all the victims working for TSA the obvious thought is to think the stealing happened at the airport, but Sgt. Thompson is saying it’s too early to point fingers.

“It’s very easy for co-workers to go through there and want to point a finger and we’re just not at that point yet to be able to pinpoint a specific location.”

Skimming can happen just about anywhere. Thieves can use a little device to swipe your card and get the information. Another popular way is through ATM’s.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations says they install devices on the machine that steal and transmit electronic numbers off people’s cards. They use a hidden camera to capture the pin numbers and at that point thieves can start pulling money from other ATM’s or go shopping.

TSA didn’t have much to add except that they expect more agents to come forward as victims. Phoenix police continue to investigate.