Saxon Mortgage mistakenly sends woman to collections

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PHOENIX - Shaiba Barry runs a licensed nursing facility out of a resential home and enjoys every minute with her patients.

"My business is an assisted living home," Shaiba said. "I take care of the elderly who are unable to take care of themselves."

When Shaiba's not at her nursing home, she likes to relax in her own home.

"It's the place I call home, it's the place I can go and rest and get away from the business," Shaiba said. "Because this business is 24/7.".

Shaiba says she's never been late on her house payment. In fact, she makes sure her mortage is on time by having the payment taken automatically out of her bank account.

"The payment is paid online, on billpay," Sahiba said. "So we have a record of all the payments paid on time every month."

That's why Shaiba can't understand why her mortgage company, Saxon Mortgage, keeps saying she's late on her payments. Shaiba said she keeps calling Saxon, and gets the same answer.

"Supervisor would say, 'Yes, the error is on our end.  We'll take care of it.' And they've not taken care of it," Shaiba said.

Not only has Saxon not taken care of it, but they sent Shaiba to a collection agency which has hurt her credit score. And with bad credit, Shaiba can't qualify for a loan to open up another adult living facility.

"I am about to expand my business and I can't get a mortgage because they said my credit score is too low because I have had mortgage payments late for all this time," Shaiba said.

3 On Your Side contacted Saxon Mortgage. After looking into the matter, they acknowledged thier mistake and promised, not only to clear it up but, to remove it from the credit bureaus so Shaiba's credit score returns to where it should be.

Shaiba said they better clear it up and can't understand why Saxon Mortgage started this problem to begin with.

Saxon Mortgage has an 'F' rating with The Better Business Bureau, mainly for billing problems like Shaiba's.

In an unrelated matter, Saxon Mortgage recently came under fire from the United States Department of Justice for wrongfully foreclosing on active duty military member's serving overseas.