ESPN employee charged with assaulting an officer

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PHOENIX - An ESPN employee is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a police officer on Tuesday night after the All-Star Game in downtown Phoenix.

According to police paperwork, Michael Allan Walter, 40, failed to stop for an officer directing traffic on Third and Jefferson streets.

Pedestrian traffic walking north to south was stopped for about a minute before Walter failed to obey the officer's commands and continued toward the officer's raised arm.

Walter walked into the officer's hand, which was up in the air giving the stop command.

The officer then pushed Walter back, advising him to stop. Paperwork showed Walter then shoved the officer.

Walter was wrestled to the ground and taken into custody.

The officer had a few scratches to his left elbow and his portable radio was damaged at a value of approximately $3,000.

Walter faces one count of aggravated assault of an officer.