Kevin Pollack loves movies, but thrives on live audiences

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PHOENIX -- You probably know him from his dozens of movies -- "The Usual Suspects," "Casino," "The Whole Nine Yards," "The Wedding Planner," A Few Good Men," and "Grumpy Old Men," to name just a few.

Kevin Pollak is taking his talent on the road and returning to his stand-up roots. He started when he was just 10, landed his first paying gig at 18, and was touring by 20. Comedy Central names him of the Top 100 Comedians of All Time.

Pollak, who is known for his incredible impressions (especially of Christopher Walken), is in town this week to take the stage at Stand Up Live in Phoenix.

He stopped by the 3TV studio to chat with Tara Hitchcock and Scott Pasmore about a variety of topics, including the imminent "Carmageddon" in L.A. He's actually staying in Phoenix an extra day to avoid the traffic drama.

"It's very bizarre," he said. "You know, traffic's not so great here. But imagine it, I don't know, 100 times worse and you have L.A."

While he does have several big projects in the works, Pollak always comes back to stand-up.

"I need to be on stage in front of that live audience," he said. "Movies are fun, living out a fantasy -- a childhood fantasy -- but being on stage and taking the audience for a ride of my choosing for an hour, you can't beat that."

Pollak has two movies coming out this fall, "Red State" directed by Kevin Smith and "The Big Year," which also stars Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin.

Pollak has one show Thursday night and two each on Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are $25 and there's a two-drink minimum.

Stand Up Live is located at 50 W. Jefferson St., Level 2, Phoenix, in the CityScape Center next to Lucky Strike. For more information, call 480-719-6100 or visit