ACLU hosts Tucson forum on federal prison report

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- There was forum Tuesday night in Tucson to raise awareness on alleged inhumane conditions for immigrants in federal detention centers.

Arizona's ACLU sponsored the event.

Advocates outlined the findings of a recent report that highlight the experiences of immigrants detained in Arizona.

The ACLU calls these egregious examples of human rights abuses.

"Complaints about verbal and mental abuse in detention centers and so these are all thigns that are very important issues that the federal government should address," said ACLU Arizona staff attorney Victoria Lopez.  "I believe a lot of familes are being hurt by this and again it's just raising awareness."

The ACLU of Arizona says the center run by Pinal County is the most troublesome.

But Pinal County sheriff officials say complaints against their facility have dropped drastically in recent years.